Kate novel Chapter 1 part 2




Now the money for his black book project was running out so all of Claudio’s eggs rested in the girl’s basket. If she didn’t work out, then he’d have nothing to show for the money spent and it’d be difficult at best to request more from Congress. This time it would, no it had to, succeed or else the entire house of cards would crash down.

Late night proved to be the one shift at Intelligence Headquarters that the building didn’t teem with life. Given the nature of both obtaining information and analyzing it, this made perfect sense. This gave Claudio the time to check on the girl before going to bed. With any luck, she wouldn’t awaken for another couple of days, which would give them the time to figure out what to tell her.

That’s going to be the fun part, he thought as he approached the door that lead to medical. But it wasn’t like I could consult her before doing things either.

The blue glow from a stasis chamber was the first thing he noticed when he entered the room. Even though the surgery had been completed three days ago, the resulting tests and monitoring of systems were best handled while the girl was unconscious and in stasis. This way Dr. Thompson and the remainder of the medical team could get baseline readings that weren’t influenced by emotion or other variables that could corrupt the data.

“Doctor,” he said, “how’s she doing today?”

The tall, thin woman looked at her portable computer for several moments before wiping a lock of blonde hair out of the way. It was moments like this, when the Doctor seemed to ignore him, that drove the Admiral crazy. Sometimes, he reminded himself, Thompson forgot who recruited her, paid for the medical training and gave her everything she needed.

“Things look ok,” the woman said finally, “but we won’t know for sure until she wakes up.”

“We need her to work out,” Claudio said, “or this program is shut down.”

“Far as I can tell,” Thompson said, “the systems are working perfectly. But you know how that turned out before.”

Yeah, Claudio thought, I haven’t forgotten. Oh, no, I haven’t.

Trouble Seems to Follow (Kate Almir Serialized Novel) Chapter 1 part 1


The sound of his footsteps echoed down the deserted corridor, their lonely tune matching the depression and desperation in his heart. Five years and three hundred million credits and he were reduced to hoping that a nineteen year old girl could succeed where others failed.

It proved to be fantastical, a turn of events that Rear Admiral Claudio Reyes, head of Fleet Intelligence, would never had dreamt of. Several men and women, all soldiers who’d been critically injured, had volunteered for the program, which lead to each failure eating at Claudio until a black hole filled his heart and it’d swallowed all his emotions.

Not that he was without them, mind you, otherwise he wouldn’t wrestled with the decision on whether or not to risk one of his newest bodies on a former gladiator slave. No, the question about what to do with her and her ruined body had become a priority and that’d taken over his life for the past week.

Of course, he chided himself, none of this would’ve happened if you’d not approached her in the first place.

Lord only knew how ridiculous he looked on Arino when he asked for, and received, a private meal with her. It was something almost unheard of, an event reserved for only the greatest of the gladiator Master Champions…and one that she’d earned many times over.

Serialized Novel Thoughts

I have put some thoughts into the serialized novel I was putting on my blog. After writing so much about Talia’s current life, it’s time to write about Kate Almir and who she was and the kind of life Talia’s false persona lived.

This should be interesting and prove insightful to show the side of Talia that she keeps under control since Kate has Talia’s abilities without the warrior’s code or twenty thousand years of life to provide balance.

My hope is you will enjoy this ride.


Duck Donuts Coming to Richmond – Richmond.com: Food Drink

Why, why why would you put yourself right across the street from the one Krispey Kreme in town? That to me is suicide because folks love KK down here so much that I don’t know if Duck Donuts can beat them…even if the product is superior (which doesn’t take much to beat KK to be honest. Their donuts are more air then dough anyway).




Duck Donuts Coming to Richmond – Richmond.com: Food Drink.

A Hurricane, Fourth of July and Being Lazy

Today, as you in the USA know, is the 4th of July…Independence day. Fireworks, cookouts and time spent with family is the order of the day. Of course I had to work this morning at 5am so it’s been a long holiday for me already.

For those who live in a bubble, Hurricane Arthur side swiped the NC coast and then raced to the northeast into the Atlantic. Here in Va it didn’t do shit but down around the coast, it’s been a major event and something that influenced their holidays. Many cities in the Northeast, Boston in particular, had their fireworks last night to prevent the storm from interfering. 

Right now, folks are worried about Ocracoke island on the NC outer banks. It’s totally cut off with no power or communications at this moment so there’s no way of knowing if anyone is hurt or not. Hopefully they will come through fine.

Nothing is new around here…Morrissey is denying his involvement with the underaged girl but I’m pretty sure the sleazebag did something; I just don’t know.

Have a happy fourth!

Talia Rough Draft 6-24-2013

This is from a second, completed novel that i need to sit back and rewrite once I get the first one taken care of.




The door slid aside and they stepped into the facility before the entrance closed behind them, cutting off the roar of the wind. Talia stepped into the main room, giving the troops behind her room to advance, and then pulled her soaked face sock off and stuffed it into the pocket of her parka. A wave of warm air washed over the warrior and sensation returned to her face with a vengeance, causing her face to burn as if on fire.

She sucked in a deep breath and then winced. “I hate the snow.”

Methos pulled the hood of her parka down before pulling her face sock off. “I don’t know if I want to snowboard now…”

Crios pulled her mask off. “Oh, you’ll be back to wanting to do it next week, so don’t try to blow smoke.”

Frigid water ran down the back of Talia’s turtleneck as her hair started to thaw and then fall back into it’s normal place. She ran both hands through it, wincing when her gloves got tangled, for several minutes, getting it back into position. Yes, she knew it was vain to do so when preparing to go into battle, but it didn’t mean she had to give up her femininity either though.

She looked at her sisters. “I never wanted to go in the first place.”

Methos snorted. “Old fuddy duddy over there doesn’t want to have fun.”

Talia cocked her head to the side slightly and then raised and eyebrow. “Who says I don’t like to have fun? I just hate the cold and snow.”

“You should after that stunt,” Crios countered. “I swear sometimes…”

“And don’t you start,” Talia snapped. “Because you’re right on my heels most of the time anyway.”

Crios went to open her mouth before Methos’ laughter made her stop.

“She’s got you there, sis!”

Crios pursed her lips to a line before wagging a finger. “You, Methos, stay out of this!”

“Why not?” Methos asked innocently. “Don’t like the fact that I know you too well also?”

“Oh, hush,”

Talia worked over herself while watching the two verbally spar with each over as she got her equipment straight. This was the best part of her life; the time spent with her sisters. If they hadn’t been created, then she would’ve got insane thousands of years ago. The three of them provided support, comic relief, and anything else each of them required.

She unslung the rifle. “You two finished yet?”

Methos ran a hand through her wet hair. “Why? You want to join in?”

Talia snorted. “Actually, I’d like to get the piece we came for.”

Methos looked confused for a moment before blushing. “Oh, yeah, we did come for that didn’t we?”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh how the mighty forget.”

“Sorry, got carried away,”

Their footsteps echoed in the empty corridor as they slowly moved down it. Ahead, a pair of dead bodies laid, a large puddle of blood surrounding them. Talia brought them to a stop and then scanned the walls and the roof. Where was the trap that killed those soldiers? Was it still active?

She motioned for everyone to stay back before dropping to a knee and narrowing her eyes. One of the bodies was decapitated while the other had been split in half, starting at the top of the head and then ending at the pelvis. Interesting. So, whoever designed this building used some of the same tricks that the Sesstra’s hideaway did.

It certainly lacked in originality, she had to give it that, but repetitive or not it caught people in it’s web like the designers planned. Why, however, did they not try to be more original? Did it have something to do with the pursuit being a ‘fixed point’ in time? Did the ancient civilizations want to keep things simple and easy to predict for her?

I hope not because it just tells the Zelcor what to look for.

Did the cutters shut down after the Cabal soldiers made it past them as the ones on Sesstra did? Or were they still active and capable of killing the next person to come along? Talia closed her eyes and let the possibilities run through her head as she contemplated what to do next.

I could step forwards and trip it and then see what happens.

Methos looked at the bodies. “Nice trap,”

Talia never took her eyes off the corridor ahead. “I dealt with the same thing on Sesstra. They shut down after someone made it through, but I’m not sure if these are or not.”

“What happens if they aren’t?”

“Then they are going to run to the entrance of the corridor,” she jerked a thumb. “Back there.”


“I’d move back to the main room to be on the safe side,”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

Talia stood up and the world exploded.




“Commander! I have drive activation!”

Robertson jerked up in the command chair, dropping the cup of coffee he held, and turned his attention towards Terri at tactical. “Talk to me, Terri!”

She looked over her shoulder. “CIC reports the cruiser has kicked her drive online, and are accelerating for orbit.”


“They’re dropping into orbit on the far side of the planet.”

He balled a hand into a fist and then tapped the chair arm with it. “Damn. That Captain is good! If we move to attack, then it leaves our shuttle and attack team defenseless. If we fire missiles, they’ll burn up in the atmosphere trying to reach the ship.” He turned the chair to the left. “Sherri, get hold of Talia or one of her sisters. They need to know the situation.”

“Yes, sir!”

He crossed his arms and then legs and stared at the white globe of the view screen, with eyes burning.




Captain Tasha Monroe leaned back in the command chair, with one eye on the darkened bridge around her and the other in the view screen. The Zelcor cruiser reminded her of the lost Defiant in its capabilities and armament. One time, not long after it’d been finished, she managed to get a tour of the experimental craft and came away impressed.

For several weeks after the tour, she’d bucked to try to get command of the craft, but after the events at Maxus, she was thankful those requests were ignored. How the single cruiser in orbit could beat such a powerful vessel amazed her. The winged starship didn’t even qualify as a destroyer in size compared to normal Fleet warships, yet it packed a worse bite equaling at least ten battleships.

The minute that craft appeared in system, she’d dropped the Ajax behind Teladan’s moon and rigged for silent running. While the Zelcor craft outclassed anything mankind could create on their own, that Gahl ship put hers to shame. There wasn’t a chance in hell she wanted to go into combat against that thing!

Two hours ago that craft sent a shuttle down towards the surface and there’d been no communications with the ground team since then. That worried her more then the starship in orbit. As long as her team was alive, the other commander wouldn’t have cause to look for her ship, because De’Zahna would want prisoners to interrogate. However, if they were dead, then all bets were off.

You morons, get the damn piece and let’s get out of here!

She started to tap a finger impatiently on the armrest and resisted the urge to sigh. What would it do to get publicly frustrated over the lack of communications from the planet? It’d just get her crew tighter then they already were anyway. Most of them had friends on Maxus, or were connected enough to know what happened, and didn’t want to quarrel with De’Zahna’s starship anymore then she did.

“Captain!” The communications officer looked at her. “I have the retrieval signal from the team!”

“Tell them to head for the far side and be ready to be caught by tractor beam on the pass by and hauled in. We’re not stopping.”

“They understand, Ma’am, and will in position in five minutes.”

She looked at the helmsman. “Power up! Flank speed! Make for the dark side of the planet!”

“Aye, Captain!”

Now let’s see how fast De’Zahna can get her people back and start pursuit.

She just hoped they’d have a large enough head start.





A light lit up the room, temporarily blinding everyone, before the thunderous sound of an explosion, threatening to rupture their eardrums, shook their chests. The shockwave, lifting up dirt, blood and debris as it raced down the corridor, struck Talia, knocking her flat onto the smooth floor and then sending both warrior and rifle sliding backwards in different directions. She slammed into Methos and then Crios, taking their legs out from under them and sending her sisters crashing down on top of her.

She slammed into the far wall; shoulder first, and then slammed her head against the concrete before the world went dark momentarily. Methos spun like a top, slammed into the wall, and then came to rest on her stomach, face inches from the floor, with Talia’s face between her legs. Crios struck the barrier hard and ended up on her side in a tangle of limbs as the marines around them struggled to get back to their feet.

Talia groaned and tried to reach her head and felt an armored leg instead. “Ugh…what happened?”

Methos lay there, breathing hard, staring at the ceiling. “Can someone please tell me the number of that truck?? I’d like to have a few words with the driver…”

“Someone left a nice surprise,” Crios moaned. “Synthetic explosives…” she tried to sit up. “Ow!!”

Talia opened her eyes to darkness. “Where am I??”

Methos lifted her head up slowly. “Talia! What are you doing??”

“Trying to see if I’m alive…”

“With your head between my legs??”

She reached up, felt one armored leg, then another, and then touched an armored rear. “Okay…”

“Thank Cheikra for armor!” Methos said. “Or you’d be getting a free shot.”

“Not like I haven’t seen if before,” Talia muttered. “So quit being such a prude.”

“Don’t you think you should move?”

Talia closed her eyes and then sighed. “I would if I could. I think I’m going to lay here a while.”

“I’d demand you move but it takes too much energy.”

Crios climbed onto her hands and knees before coughing. “I haven’t hurt this bad since that drinking binge I had on Paston while on leave…”

Methos rubbed her head with both hands. “Damn…take away the headache and the ringing in my ears, and this would be just like the time I spent with the communications officer on Marine One.”

Talia lifted her head for a second. “You always…were the…wild one.”

“Hush…you’re just jealous both sides don’t like you…”

“I’ve never tried to be with both sides. Steven, ow!”

Crios looked at the floor, her long, silver pony tail hanging down, and then leaned forwards to set her forehead on the floor. “Robertson?”

“Yeah, I forgot I wasn’t on the link,” She activated the link. Uh, yeah…?

We’ve got engine activity from the enemy ship. They’ve raced onto the far side of the planet.

They’re…picking up their shuttle.

What’s wrong with you? You don’t sound good at all.

Someone left us a nice gift of explosives, the three of us are down for the three count.

Do I need to direct the shuttle to land beside the building?

I…ow that hurt…think you do. Someone’s body slammed me and kicked me in the balls…if I had balls…

What about your sisters?

We’re all down. I think Crios might be hurt worse, but then Methos is down too. Hell…I don’t know…which one of us is worse…

I’ll alert Dannae.

Thank you…we need her.

Shuttle’s on the way.

Cool beans.

Talia leaned forwards, placing the top of her head against Methos pelvis. “Shuttle’s coming…”

Methos looked at the ceiling before closing her eyes. “If I weren’t hurting so bad, I think I’d feel violated.”

She sighed. “Trust me, I can think of a hundred places I’d rather be.”

“You trying to besmirch me?”

“Sis, I don’t find it fun to have my face buried in your nether regions any more then I would if it were either Crios or Dannae.”

“Whew! I though for a minute you were insulting me.”

“I was, but feel too bad to put anything into it.”

“I’m so going to get you…”

Talia slumped against her sister’s body. “I think…” the world went black.

Recent Supreme Court Decision

Supreme Court


On straw purchases of weapons is one that I applaud. While I’m no proponent of Gun Control-there’s no way it’ll truly stop gun violence as long as criminals have a black market-I agree with the decision banning straw purchases. What is a straw purchase? That is when someone goes into a store and then buys a weapon. Once they’ve finished the background check, etc etc, they then go outside and immediately give you the weapon to own. That is what the ATF calls a ‘straw purchase’ and I agree with the ban on that.

If straw purchases had been allowed, then it’d allow people to buy guns for convicted felons and others who shouldn’t have them, openly and in plain sight without any repercussions. This would be a unbearable situation that would truly lead to more violence. To this I laud the Supreme Court for making the right decision.



Some Days You Wish You’d Stayed In Bed

And today is one of them. For some reason, and I haven’t had a major depression episode in two years, I’m depressed as hell and can’t tell why. I don’t know if it’s from the stress of starting a new job, paranoia about things that aren’t there or if i’m just down to be down. That’s the thing with things like depression and bi-polar, you just don’t know.

I really do wish I knew what it was today or I’d do something to change it, but I don’t so it’ll be one of those days where I’ll suffer as a slog through it. To be honest, and I’ve said this thousands of times, I wouldn’t wish bi-polar on my worst enemy…no matter who they are. It’s a living hell from which there is no parole, no pardon and no escape. You’re stuck with it for life. 

It sucks.